Calligraphy Posters
By clicking on the icon below, you can access a file of the posters, with a plain transcription of the Arabic phrase, and a literal translation in English.


He who gossips to you will gossip about you

Oppression-its pasturage is unhealthy

Knowledge is in the heart, not in lines

He who asks for the heights without effort
will reach them when the crow turns white

With difficulty comes ease

Take from fate what is pure and from life what suffices

A right is not lost behind which is a demander

Man proposes, God disposes

Lying is a sickness, and truth is a cure

A man (is known) by his two smallest (things): 
his heart and his tongue

Don't pospone today's work till the morrow

He who watches others dies full of care

Many a word is stronger than a beating

He who wrestles with the truth is (often) pinned by it

Thinking bad of someone is the best intelligence


The best of speech is that which is brief 
and to the point


Each morrow brings you whatever it contains


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